Let your staff to be
and found in the crowd by people and event managers as well.

SeemeON vest is revolutionary and unique product for all the staff, that has to be seen during the event. The vest is designed to be visible at night and during the day as well.

  • Navigators
  • Volunteers
  • Workers
  • Medics
  • Security
Recommended for staff

Great Visibility

Result of combination of bright colors, reflective elements and battery powered luminous stripe placed to be seen in 360° from the distance of 2 km. Our luminous stripe radiates light and is much more visible than reflective elements. Luminous stripe shine between 50 - 500 lumens. SeemeON functions are designed to achieve maximum visibility in continous mode and maximum warning effect in pulsing mode.


Fine and simple outside.
Smart and unique inside.

The key elements of the SeemeON vest are patent protected.


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Looking for a car park? Looking for the entrance? Navigators are the ones to have the "first touch" with guests during their arrival and last ones to help them to leave. Thanks to emergency mode (pulsing), they can also manage traffic and crowd in unexpected situations and in the case of worse visibility conditions. By placing navigators in rows, you can also create various light corridors in the space and around the exist.


As event manager, you want your guest to be informed as good as possible. To manage that, you need volunteers to be seen in every corner of your event. With the SeemeON vest, guests will spot the volunteer in the crowd much easier and faster.



Stage builders, tent builders, general maintenance and operating staff usually work during the night before the event and during the night after the event. To avoid the danger of direct contact with constructions, all the staff should wear the SeemeON vest. If the vest is turned on the lowest light mode, it's seen very well and it don't disturb the eyes during the workflow.



Medics, rescuers and first aid staff is the most important staff of every event. They must be found by every guest with any kind of health problem in every corner of the event. By SeemeON vest turned on the highest light mode you can reach it. In the case of the rescue action, the SeemeON vest can be switched to emergency mode (pulsing) and the crowd will make spontaneous corridor for faster movement.



With The black SeemeON vest, the security staff is hidden during normal process of the event. In emergency situations, they can also turn on the emergency mode and be supportive with the crowd management as well. Also, if there is some problem and the security staff does not have the connection with medical staff, the emergency mode notify medics, who make action.

Buy or Rent?

If you are interested in buying the SeemeON vest, send your demand on e-mail address: info@seemeon.com. We will be happy to make a special offer for you and show you some examples in advance.

If you are not a full-time event management company or you don't need vest very often you can rent some! We will bring them to you personally or deliver them to you by a courier.
Vest will come in special transport case with batteries, recharging hub and list of numbered vests for better handling and management.