SeemeON vests were used for these exciting events.

Od Tatier k Dunaju 2019

345 km long run across Slovakia. SeemeON vest wasn't help just for STAFF around the race but mainly to runners, who have to be concentrated just for running, not finding the right person in reflective clothing on important turns.

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White night 2019

As last year, this year we were part of the biggest and most visited contemporary art festival in Slovakia again. Organizers have appreciated great visibility and authority of STAFF members, what was the key element and advantage during working with the crowd.

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UTMB - Ultra Trail Mont Blanc

Some SeemeON vests were supervising the biggest ultra trail in the world - Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - UTMB last week.

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Pohoda Festival 2019

2019 was the first year of SeemeON on the Festival Pohoda. Festival enjoyed using vests as well as our vests enjoyes Pohoda.

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Assembly in Bratislava

The security team used the SeemeON vests to organize the assembly in Bratislava. Be seen! Be ON!

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The White Night festival, Bratislava

The White Night is a night festival of art lighting installations that takes place in many world cities. 29.9. was The White Night in Bratislava. The organizing team was dressed in SeemeON vest. SeemeON vests have increased nightly crowd management to a higher level.

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Volkswagen Family Day

more than 30.000 visitors

SeemeON vests were used for the organizing team at the biggest company event in Slovakia. The Family Day for Volkswagen was more than 30,000 visitors.

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Telekom night run 2018, Bratislava

8. september 2018

We are proud of SeemeON vests on Telekom night run 2018 in Bratislava. Thak you Bratislava Marathon! Be seen! Be ON!


"We used SeemeON vests in critical locations, such as a tunnel, or a city park. The vests were very distinctive, as the runners themselves appreciated", says the organizer.

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Moto GP (Austria)

10. - 12.8.2018

Team AMENA smart displays used SeemeON vests during instalation of their navigating system during Shotdown festival and the MotoGP weekend in Austria.


"Visitors to the Moto GP turned to the members of our team and asked for advice, despite the fact that the organizer was close to it. The vest works great in the crowd!", Pavol Amena, AMENA smart displays.

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Fa Donovaly Night run (Slovakia)

28. 07. 2018

Worldwide premiere of our vests during the Fa Donovaly Night Run. Thanks to organizator staff for trusting in our product and for an opportunity to show off the unique features of our vest! Be seen! Be ON!



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